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Like Metal Gear Solid: The world Walker is kind of like Pokemon

05/03/2010 Like Metal Gear Solid: The world Walker is kind of like Pokemon

How Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is kind of like Pokemon screenshot

In addition to the basic game presented in World Walker , Teresa quite a different aspect of the fascinating called the Mother of the base. In the trade to help the Snake and the soldiers without Borders group, RAMS Glvez Mena gives abandoned oil platforms, which become Snakes central database.

At the base of the mother, the players will develop new types of weapons, trade or send gifts to other players access in comparison with the regime to send soldiers to the mission and much more. Before anything fun happened with my mother base, though, you'll first need to put on your Ash Ketchum hat and capture soldiers Pokemon style.

Confused? All right. Hit pause to understand what the hell I 'm talking about.

Metal Gear Solid: World Walker (PSP)
Developer: Kojima Productions
Publisher: Konami
To be released: June 8, 2010

One of the issues, Snake can perform a Fulton recovery system. Fulton is a device that was once attached to a person who would shoot from the parachute and starts whoevers attached to the sky. The plane will fly by and accept the mother's face database.

So, yes, as Pokemon . Rod.

Every person you have to rebuild the experience points, statistics, special effects and symptoms. The soldier, assigned to the unit fights can be used in several game modes, and the more you use them, the more Theyll level and become stronger.

very Special thanks to MGS fans.

You'll also be able to play how to restore the enemy soldiers and their level of additional Ops. Here you will be doing small missions for specific purposes. The missions will range from simple target practice, Fulton recovery, based on cooperatives, document retrievals, armored fighting vehicles, and more.

The last part of the base of the Mother, that you need to know about is the research and development section. Here you'll be doing, as the name implies, in order to upgrade weapons, unlock better weapons and get new items.

I was more than 250 soldiers in my team until the end of his playing. As you progress through the World Walker , Oil platforms housing the Mother Base expands and develops in order to accommodate all the new functions and personnel.

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