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The Daily Hotness: Team Fortress 2 Man

05/04/2010 The Daily Hotness: Team Fortress 2 Man

The Daily Hotness: Team Fortress 2 Mans screenshot

Team Fortress 2, Mega man style. Done artist AgentMidnight .

Nick review Kick-Ass I took a few previews for Metal Gear Solid: The World Walker , Win Dementium II , Halo: Reach Beta is out, only SLAPPERS and more occurred on 03/05/1910.

Destructoid originals:
New Releases: Dementium II, Zeno Clash, Iron Man 2 and more
A little love for the children steps


Community Blogs 05/03/1910
Forum of the day: icon theme

Kick-Ass (PSN)

MGS: a multi-world Walker "and help, and it hurts
Like Metal Gear Solid: The World Walker is kind of like Pokemon
Review of MGS: The World Walker 's main adventure

And Win Dementium II Astro Gaming Headset!

Press Start - Symphony of Games for the 2010 Tokyo concert


OFLC is hidden price EP called 'Project Red'
Suda 51: Killer7 continued to be ', probably never'
Zombie Apocalypse half of the XBLA this week
Alpha Protocol 's DRM is a lesser evil than Ubisoft' s DRM
Nintendo DLC: Zombie Panic in Wonderland "and other things
Europe gets ModNation Racer PS3 and PSP bundles
Black confirmed the Wii will include Wii Sports Resort and MotionPlus
Get EA Sports Activities cheaper today
World Of Warcraft, working on the iPad?
Bungie announcement may indicate a new direction
Red Steel 2 developers are already working on the next game
Sony offers a formal security plans for PS3, PSP
Red Dead Redemption of achievements, as well as new screens
OFLC is hidden price EP called 'Project Red'
The analyst believes, Pachter slim Xbox 360 model thing
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Wii improve greatness
Ubisoft hinted at killer 'DLC' for SC: Conviction
Fish lasers! Dariusburst listed ESRB
Modern Warfare 2 'Stimulus Package' hits PS3 tomorrow
Redemption 'Mass Effect' comic book comes in June
Syphon Filter: Logan 's Shadow strike PS2 on June 1 ... Yes, PS2
Final Fantasy IX for PSN is almost ready
StarCraft II: Wings of Freedom July 27, 2010
Games Room renovation is now on Wednesday
Mass Effect 2 'EQ Pack' complement of tomorrow
Two Worlds II comes out on September 14

Where do you keep your controllers? On the wall?
Slappers only: Gogol standoff
Team Fortress 2 heavy statues now for pre-order
How to be a pervert in the Metal Gear Solid: The World Walker

Aisha Tyler will help you Halo: Rich in beta
Yuji Naka 's Ivy kiwi? suited to the DS, Wii by XSEED


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