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Capcom sets out plans for the fiscal year, blows the minds

05/11/2010 Capcom sets out plans for the fiscal year, blows the minds

Capcom lays out plans for the fiscal year, blows minds screenshot

Capcom 's Seth Killian said recently Destructoid

SA "That 'a big step in the direction of PS3/360, despite the fact that the company has openly stated that two of the games big budget PS3/360, Bionic Commando and Dark Void Dead Rising 2 , Game Capcom jointly established with Western developers, will sell 3 million units this year.

Yes, I know it is not 't make sense to me.

There are many other things that are fun in this report, which can be read right here, in PDF format . There is even a video presentation, all in Japanese, issued by middle-aged man in a suit. The part that got me most excited to hear the word " Internet Mega man \\ "Came out of the real Capcom man's mouth. Another exciting thing was thinking about how many of those 16 games PS3 may be Wii-to-PS Moving port with additional content. I 'D glad to buy Zack and Wiki , Okami Wii Edition , Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition And even Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop Again, if Capcom makes them very fun and fairly on the PS3.

Capcom Shares Sales Targets for major releases - [Andriasang]


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