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April NPD: Sam Fisher 's gloomy month

05/14/2010 April NPD: Sam Fisher 's gloomy month
Apparently they were all pay taxes in the past month, and not buy the game because, despite the expectations of analysts ', sales for April were down. As you can see below, sales fell for each console NPD tracked during April, with the Wii found the biggest hit, down 50 percent from March . Equipment total sales dropped by 37 percent.

And there was no software sales 't do better - Splinter Cell Conviction was a bright spot and Super Street Fighter IV

-DS: 441K 260K (-37%)
-Wii: 277K 281K (-50%)
-360: 185K 153K (-45%)
-PS3: 181K 133K (-42%)
PSP- : 66K 54K (-44%)
-PS2 sales are not tracked by NPD - Goodbye, my friend .

See the top 10 games after the break. Sales for the games on 6 and 10 were retained for the NPD to unknown causes.

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JoystiqApril NPD: Sam Fisher 's gloomy month originally appeared on Joystiq Thurs, May 13, 2010 19:30:00 EST. Please see our Conditions for use of feeds .

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